who's who

Synod Moderator

Rev Lindsey Sanderson

Portrait photo of Jan Adamson, Synod Clerk.

Synod Clerk

Rev Jan Adamson

The Synod Clerk is an officer of the Synod who works alongside the Moderator and the Convenor of Finance & Property.The Clerk is responsible to the Synod through the Policy, Planning and Strategy Committee for the efficient running of the Synod business as the Synod seeks to serve local congregations.The business of the Synod comes from Church Meetings of the local United Reformed Churches in Scotland and the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church.
Portrait photo of Jess Poole, Children's Ministry Development Worker

Children’s Ministry Development Worker

Jess Poole

The role CMDW is to support, encourage and enable effective children’s ministry within local congregations throughout Synod.

Jess is available to support churches and their leaders through various means such as providing relevant training; supporting and developing existing children’s work; supporting and aiding in the development of new work and providing opportunities for leaders to share their stories and support one another.
Portrait photo of John McNeil Scott, training and development officer.

Training and Development Officer

Revd John McNeil Scott

Training and Development Officer
As Principal of the Scottish United Reformed and Congregational College, John serves also as the officer responsible for encouraging, promoting and facilitating training in the Synod.

The United Reformed Church has three resource centres for learning:
Scottish United Reformed and Congregational College

Northern College (United Reformed and Congregational)

Westminster College

Synod Treasurer

Mr Duncan Walker

The Synod Treasurer is an officer of the Synod working closely with the Moderator, Synod Clerk and the Convenor of Finance & Property. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the financial strategy of the Synod is implimented and liasing with local churches on financial matters.

Moderator’s/Synod Clerk’s Personal Assistant

Miss Gemma Walker

Synod Finance Assistant

Mrs Jacqueline Kyle