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The Church Life Review – phase 2

Jan 26, 2024
Lindsey Sanderson
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General Assembly 2023 received and accepted there commendations of the Church Life Review which sought to address how as a denomination we can shape our resources and structures to best address the challenges faced by the denomination and most importantly support and resource local churches. The next phase of work to begin to implement change has now begun and this will be carried out principally through three task groups which will report to a special General Assembly in 2025. The denomination is now looking for people from across our churches who may be willing to serve on three task groups which will develop models for change.  

Resource Sharing will consider models for financial resource sharing across and within Synods and the General Assembly and consider any necessary legal and structural changes.

Support Services will consider models for providing effective operational, support services including HR, Health & safety, Safeguarding to local churches across the denomination.

Local Lay workers (employed) will focus upon the paid roles that can support the life and mission of local churches to flourish.

Nominations and applications are now sought for people to serve on the task groups. A safer recruitment process will be used for all positions.  The deadline for applications or nominations is 12th February at 12 noon.

Full information about the Terms of Reference for each of the task groups, together with application information and the background papers from the Church Life Review to date are available at https://urc.org.uk/general-assembly-assembly-executive-assembly-committees/church-life-review/

These are important task groups for the ongoing life and flourishing of our denomination, so please give careful thought as to whether you could serve on a group, whether you can think of someone to nominate and you are invited to keep this process in your prayers.