What is Seek. Pray. Serve?

Seek. Pray. Serve. is a simple, sustainable approach to children’s ministry. It does not require ‘professionals’ to lead or do the ‘work’. You do not need to have a minister or ‘younger’ people to use this approach for children’s ministry. It is unique to each church, utilising their own gifts and resources. It is a different approach to the way we ‘do’ children’s ministry. It is for you.

Where are the children in your church? Where are they in your community? Seek out the places where the children are. The local primary school; parent and toddler groups; Brownies and Boys Brigades.

Pray for those children and groups. Thank God for them and ask Him to support them. Ask God to show you how you can serve these children and the groups.

Serve the groups. Thank the volunteers for the work they do, give them encouragement. Bake cakes for teachers in the local primary school and thank them for the work that they do. Approach the uniformed organisation (i.e. cubs) and offer to share your skills with them (such as gardening so that they can obtain their gardening badge).

Using SEEK. PRAY. SERVE. is a very simple and gentle approach that any church can partake in. If your church has little to no contact with children and you would like to develop your ministry, contact us to find out how to, using SEEK. PRAY. SERVE. Likewise, if you wish to further develop your children’s ministry, find out how this approach can help.