Pray it Forward

Pray it Forward is a project that began here in Scotland and then grew! It was borne out of a response from our churches who told us that they had members that, during lockdown, were experiencing feelings of isolation and being disconnected from their church. It was also noted by many how people within their local communities were experiencing feelings of isolation and depression.

We wanted to find a way to help our members feel more connected to their churches and for those within local communities to feel joy. We know that the children, young people and adults in our churches have many skills and talents and we wanted to use these to flood their local communities with prayer. We encouraged those within our churches to create wee ‘prayer tokens’. These tokens could be anything, painted stones, knitted hearts, windmills and so on. We asked that whilst they made them, they prayed over them. They prayed for the people that would receive them, that they would know they are loved, that they were being thought of and that God would bless them. They would then attach a label and prayer and flood their local communities with these prayers. The idea is that you put the prayers out into the community for people to find them and be blessed by them.

One lady shared her story of her ‘prayers’. At the end of the road, by her church, their were roadworks. Many people were complaining about it and moaning about the disruption these roadworks were causing. This lady wanted the roadworkers to know that they were valued and appreciated for the essential work that they were carrying out. She knitted a wee digger for them, made some mini hi-viz vests, attached a prayer and left them on the barriers for the workers to find. A few days later, whilst walking past, the lady noticed that they had placed the digger that she had made for them inside of their digger. Her actions and her ‘prayer’ will have at least brought a smile to their faces.

Pray it Forward is not a one off event, it can be used throughout the year and it can be used for various events. For example, to raise awareness about the plight of the bees, how about making pom-pom bees, attach a label with information about how to help the bees, a small prayer and then place the bees in the local park and gardens for people to find. It can be used for COP26, Christmas, anything. The key thing to Pray it Forward is prayer, praying over what you are making.

The Pray it Forward project is a blessing for all involved and is for all ages and abilities. If you would like to flood your community with prayer and encourage the talents of those within your church, a resource pack can be found here to get you started, along with the prayers that we used here and labels front and message for labels.

If you would like to start but would like some support or want to know more please get in touch.