Children’s Ministry

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The new children’s ministry approach Seek.  Pray.  Serve was introduced at Synod this year. 

During two workshops we explored how Seek.  Pray.  Serve. is different to other children’s ministry approaches.  We discovered how it looks for simple, alternative methods to minister to our children and their families.  We saw that this approach is not dependent upon the minister or paid worker to ‘run’ it which means it is sustainable and ongoing.   We looked at how the whole congregation can be involved and share their unique skills.   We saw how the approach serves the local community and builds positive relationships with children, families and local organisations.

We then went on to explore how Seek.  Pray.  Serve.  may be used in local churches.  Have a look at the images below to see some of the ideas that emerged from the workshops. 


Seek. Pray. Serve. is a simple, sustainable approach to children’s ministry.  .  It can be used with churches who have little to no regular contact with children and their families, as well as being used alongside churches who already have established children’s ministries.   

Seek – Identify where the children are

Pray – Pray for opportunities to serve them and connect with them

Serve – Serve the needs identified and build relationships

If you would like more information or would like to explore using this approach in your church, please get in touch.

If your church has little to no contact with children and you would like to develop your ministry, contact us to find out more.

Likewise, if you wish to further develop your children’s ministry, find out how this approach can help.

Seek. Pray. Serve. is a simple, sustainable approach to children’s ministry. It does not require ‘professionals’ to lead or do the ‘work’. You do not need to have a minister or ‘younger’ people to use this approach for children’s ministry. It is unique to each church, utilising their own gifts and resources. It is a different approach to the way we ‘do’ children’s ministry. It is for you.


If you wish to discuss anything with the Synod’s Children’s Ministry Development Worker Jess Poole please use the contact form below