Synod Service – Sunday 27th September – Southside Cluster, in and around Glasgow

Sunday’s Synod Service comes from the Southside Cluster in and around Glasgow and is led by the Rev’d Andy Braunston. It is a service of Holy Communion so you may like to have some bread and wine, or suitable alternatives to hand.

You can access the service in a number of ways:

Method 1

The simplest method is to use your house phone and dial in to 0131 460 1196. Then a computerised voice then asks you for a meeting identity, type in: 897 4873 8990. If asked for a password please type 1234

Method 2

If you have a computer with a microphone and speakers which can connect to the Internet go to

and that will let you in. If asked for a password please type 1234

Method 3

If you have a Smart Phone – ie one that has a camera and connects to the internet please call the meeting by typing in all of the following:


If prompted for a password please type 1234

Method 4

If you have a tablet computer – for example an iPad – you need to download the Zoom app from the app store (it’s free) and then join the meeting by entering the meeting ID 897 4873 8990

If asked for a password please type 1234

Method 5

If you find Andy on Facebook you can watch the service from 11am on his Facebook feed.

If all this is new to you and you’d like to practice come in on the day at 10.30 and I can talk you through things. Once we start I will mute everybody as if there is a prayer we say together the delay over the phone or internet is quite funny. I will turn mikes back on for when we share prayer requests or have a natter. The service will be around 45 minutes.

You should have a look and see how to mute yourself if you use a computer, phone or tablet. Look for an icon of a microphone and click on this to turn it on or off. Similarly there is an icon of a camera which turns on and off your computer or tablet camera.