Synod Residential Meeting – Friday Evening

Synod Moderator Revd Dr David Pickering

National Synod of Scotland spring meeting was constituted by the Moderator who led us in worship. This included welcoming new members to Synod Meeting, new ministers and elders, marking ministers with significant anniversaries and welcoming ecumenical guests.

Synod Clerk Mr Bill Robson

Our new Synod Clerk – Mr Bill Robson – was commissioned.

Part of music group for worship

Resolutions referred to Synod by General Assembly

These resolutions (Resolution 3 and 42) were notified at September Synod Meeting.

Synod approved these resolutions as they stand.

Feasts and Festivals

Francis Brienen

Francis Brienen: Deputy General Secretary – Mission led an interesting introductory session on Feasts and Festivals – Walking the Way – Living the Life

Synod meeting closed for the evening with worship led by East Link

At our welcome and social gathering Dr Jim Merrilees received a presentation to give thanks for his service as Interim Synod Clerk.

Dr Jim Merrilees