‘Moving On Up’ Summer 2021

Don’t Send Me Back!

Not feeling ready to get ‘Back to School’, College, Uni (or Work)?

Neither are Peter & John!  Watch the video below from DramaKirk to find out more:

Moving On Up!

Did you identify all the objects in our Back to School scene? Check your answers below and find out a few fun facts.

  1. Academic Diary or Planner.
  2. Ruler. “I remember we were always getting in trouble for using our plastic rulers as weapons. We would pull them back, aim them at our friends’ hand and WHAP! Boy, did that sting.” (Leo, 59, CYDO, Northwestern Synod.)
  3. Soft toy on a keyring. A trend since 2010. “I have three different toys – an elephant, a mouse and a squirrel – I like to swap them out so I can have a different one every week.” (Ellie, 10, Edinburgh)
  4. Pencils. Invented in 1865 by Ms Pencil of Leadsworth, Yorkshire.
  5. Paint set. “Art was always my favourite class in high school. There were days that I didn’t look forward to going to school, but I always looked forward to art class.” (Ruth, 44, CYDO, Wessex Synod.)
  6. Tamagotchi: a handheld digital pet that was created in Japan by Akihiro Yokoi Aki Maita, in 1996.  Tamagotchi is Japanese for ‘Egg-Watch’. “Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about my tamagotchi! It’s probably dead by now…” Phil Ray, 40, CYDO, Wessex Synod)
  7. Fidget Spinner, started trending as a classroom toy in 2017. Some people claim that they are helpful for students who have anxiety, ADHD, or autism. This has yet to be conclusively proven. One thing is clear though: teachers find them really annoying!
  8. Books: exercise books, text books, jotters, homework diaries… Teachers sure love to give us books. “I was always forgetting my books and having to run home at lunch time to get them!” (Matt, 40, youth worker, Edinburgh)
  9. Drinks bottle. As a general rule of thumb, children and young people, aged 4 to 13, need 6-8 glasses of water a day. That’s a lot of fluids – better make sure to get the bathroom pass off your teacher!
  10. Yo Yo. A playground classic since ancient times. “Gosh, I had so many yo-yos, and they were always getting confiscated. I think old Mr Knievel probably still has most of them in his desk drawer!” (Sam, 49, head of URC Children’s and Youth Work, world yo-yo champion 1974 – 78).
  11. Sports Pennant.  This item is more likely to be found on the bedroom walls and locker doors of American students. “Supporting the school team was always a big deal. Everybody was expected to be at the pep rallies and the matches.” (Kate, 29, Edinburgh)

Soft toy keyrings, tamagotchis, fidget spinners, and yoyos.  Can you think of any other playground or classroom trends? What did the adults in your household remember taking to school? Why not email us at youthministry@urcscotland.org.uk with photos of anything you used to take to school? Let us know if you give permission to use your photos in a social media post.  (Under 16-year-olds, please ask a parent to email on your behalf.)