Residential Synod Weekend – Sunday Morning

A celebration of Holy Communion was led by the Moderator.

Presentation to Leslie Morrison

Revd Leslie Morrison

On behalf of the Synod the Moderator give thanks to Revd Leslie Morrison and a gift to mark Leslie’s retirement as a Minister of Word and Sacrament. Leslie continues as convenor of Finance and Property Committee.






Youth and Young Adults Forum

After tea and coffee the Youth and Young Adults Forum informed Synod of their activities over the weekend which has been based on sex and relationships.

The Youth and Young People Committee reported back on their meeting and how they would see membership of a proposed Youth Executive (see resolution below) and future activities.

Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees

Bungie updated Synod on this and a message from a member of the committee from Calais. The offering from the communion service was for Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees.

Reports from Synod Committees

Synod received committee reports from:

  • Children and Young People

Proposed National Synod of Scotland Youth Executive

Katie Henderson updated Synod Meeting on the proposal to form a Youth Executive.







Synod agrees to:

  • Establish a Youth Executive in place of the Children and Youth Ministry Committee
  • Help Links support their Youth Executive members
  • Encourage Churches to look beyond those attending on Sunday morning to engage young people involved in weekday activities in the life of the Synod and URC Youth
  • Allow Youth Executive to appoint two representatives to attend Synod as full members.


Church and Society

This report was received by Synod Meeting

The following resolution was passed:

The National Synod of Scotland welcomes the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015 and agrees:

 1. to continue raising awareness within our local congregations of trafficking in persons as a crime against humanity within our local congregations;

 2. to support and participate in the spiritual befriending project between ACTS churches, advocacy organisations and victims.

Church Life

This report was received

Ecumenical and World Church

This report was received

EMU Review

The following resolution was passed:

Giving thanks for the companionship, faithfulness, creativity and prayers of each of the Partners hitherto for their colleagues, and believing that the common work which has been possible and the friendships made still form a basis for continuing to strive for enhanced ways of working ecumenically in Scotland, the EMU Partners undertake during the next 2 years to work, with a sharpened focus,

  1. a) to produce realistic proposals for identifiable progress in specifically identified areas of work, particularly those impacting locally, such as recognition of ministries, learning and training, creative mission initiatives,


  1. b) to open a process of conversation with ACTS regarding the relationship of the formal EMU Partnership to and within ACTS and, in the light of outcomes under (a), the ways in which EMU can contribute to and enhance ACTS’ own agenda, life and work.

Remaindered Business

Northerly Synods Report

The Synod Clerk updated Synod Meeting on progress on discussions.


With all business concluded, Synod Meeting closed with worship led by the Moderator.