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This is the United Reformed Church’s exciting focus on lifelong Christian discipleship and mission and moves beyond a set of programmes into the world where each step we take is accompanied by Jesus, eventually bringing about an emerging culture change in the Church and society. As you engage in Walking the Way we hope that your own understanding of what being a Christian disciple deepens.

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Same Sex Wedding Liturgies

For anyone looking for help or inspiration when it comes to same sex wedding liturgies; the following ministers have offered to provide help:

Rev’d Fiona Bennett:

Rev’d John Bremner:

Rev’d Alan McGougan:

Rev’d Judith Tatton-Schiff:

Other resources are also available, including:

“Courage to Love: An anthology of inclusive worship material”

Compiled by Geoffrey Duncan

Published 2002 by Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd


Please note, when following any website, it is important to remember the differences in marriage law between England & Wales and Scotland.

Other prayer and worship resources are available from the United Reformed Church online shop and many of our partners

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Prayer Cycle for Churches in Synod

Please include the congregation and all involved with the Churches in your prayers

Hamilton URC is pleased to support DramaKirk, a fresh expression of church within the town, seeking to present the gospel through drama.  Those who have volunteered to participate in the drama, as well as the audience, have discovered a new experience of engaging with the Bible, as the words of Scripture are brought to life in a fresh and personal way. Hamilton URC was delighted to host this year’s Passion Play during Holy Week and DramaKirk is currently developing its work through drama based bible study evenings and on 10th August will present’ Walk with the Word’ in Chatelherault Country Park. This hour long walk/drama performance through the Park will tell the story of the Exodus. Tickets are free and can be booked through

We invite you to pray with us……
Creating God,
you have blessed us with gifts of creativity and imagination.
Bless initiatives like DramaKirk which seek to present the Gospel in fresh and innovative ways.
And bless each one of us with confidence and conviction in the ways in which we share the good news of your love through word and action, story and song
so that we, and all who receive the Gospel may embrace your Living Word anew.
In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Walking on Sunshine:
Tuesday 6th – Sunday 11th August 2019
We remember our young people and their leaders.
We pray for safe travels,
and moments with
fresh faith insights,
spirit-filled encounters,
joy in walking in creation,
warm fellowship,
fun and laughter
quiet and reflection
May each return with a renewed
sense of faith and its place in life.

In the words of St Columba
Be thou a bright flame before me,
Be thou a guiding star above me,
Be thou a smooth path below me,
Be thou a kindly shepherd behind me,
Today, tonight, and for ever.
Helensburgh United Reformed Church, based in the heart of the town, is friendly and welcoming. The church premises, sited between Colquhoun Square and the waterfront, are well used by community groups. The congregation is active ecumenically especially with the local Church of Scotland Parish Church and the nearby Episcopal Church St Michael & All Angels.
Please pray for the work we do ecumenically, especially for children and families through the monthly Messy Church events which are held in our Church Hall
Each summer we seek to host visitors to Helensburgh. Pray for our outreach through our regular cream tea event
We have a good number of people participating in all the different aspects of church life however please pray that we continue to have the strength and enthusiasm to keep going
We seek to be a supportive church, of each other and those we come into contact with. May God continue to bless us in this caring ministry

As we face the uncertainty of change, We know you do not change,
When we see the results of our actions,
plastic pollution that is clogging rivers, spoiling the landscape
devastaing even the deepest oceans. Forgive us.
As temperatures rise, drought and rising sea levels become more prevalent.
Climate change becomes more problematic and we continue to burn fossil fuels,
that we know contribute to the global warming. Forgive us.
We know we have not taken good care of our world.
Forgive us and help us to change
to a better way of living seeking ways to work with nature.
Ways to nurture the world around us for the benefit of all.

Montrose Church is delighted to be welcoming a number of new members this month with a special service. We only have monthly services which are well attended so much so we are considering buying more hymn books a very positive sign.