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This is the United Reformed Church’s exciting focus on lifelong Christian discipleship and mission and moves beyond a set of programmes into the world where each step we take is accompanied by Jesus, eventually bringing about an emerging culture change in the Church and society. As you engage in Walking the Way we hope that your own understanding of what being a Christian disciple deepens.

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Same Sex Wedding Liturgies

For anyone looking for help or inspiration when it comes to same sex wedding liturgies; the following ministers have offered to provide help:

Rev’d Fiona Bennett:

Rev’d John Bremner:

Rev’d Alan McGougan:

Rev’d Judith Tatton-Schiff:

Other resources are also available, including:

“Courage to Love: An anthology of inclusive worship material”

Compiled by Geoffrey Duncan

Published 2002 by Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd


Please note, when following any website, it is important to remember the differences in marriage law between England & Wales and Scotland.

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Prayer Cycle for Churches in Synod

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To the God who said ‘I am who I am’ we bring our sense of identity. A nation amalgamating Celtic cultures, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and Flemish and children of the Empire, we thank you  that we are given insights into the aspirations of Kurds and Catalans, Basques and Bretons, Québécoise and the displaced cultural sediments from empires long gone.  Help us understand our identity among others. Together, may we advance what has depth, worth, meaning and beauty.

God of forgiveness, we bring to you the darkness of this world ─ conflict, pain and suffering.  Hurt is widespread, children robbed of childhood, old age the privilege of the rich, tools of death are a major international commodity, while the climate is broken, oceans are choking and the planet is polluted. Help us recognise our part in the sin of the world and help us prepare for the Hope born in a stable.

We thank you Lord for the world in which you have placed us and for the people with whom we share our daily experiences. We pray for those seeking to bring peace to the world. We pray for those who are lonely, sad hungry or homeless.

Lord hear our prayer.

Lord Jesus,
bone of our bone, flesh of our flesh,
born as an outsider and laid in a feeding trough for cattle;
worshipped by shepherds and acclaimed by astrologers;
persecuted by the powerful and forced into exile;
be with us this Christmas,
that we may serve you in the poor and broken;
recognise you in the stranger and the strange;
and challenge the powerful to create sanctuary for the exile.

Lord of the past,
we thank You for guiding our steps,
for not leaving or forsaking us,
and for bringing us to this place.
Lord of the present,
be with us in our fearfulness and worries,
our anxieties about the Church, our nation, and Brexit,
and remind us that You do not leave or forsake us.
Lord of the future,
remind us that:
You move with us into this New Year,
You guide us, helping us to respond to Your call
to make disciples and proclaim Your coming Kingdom,
and that You, not us, build Your Church,
never leaving nor forsaking us.