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This is the United Reformed Church’s exciting focus on lifelong Christian discipleship and mission and moves beyond a set of programmes into the world where each step we take is accompanied by Jesus, eventually bringing about an emerging culture change in the Church and society. As you engage in Walking the Way we hope that your own understanding of what being a Christian disciple deepens.

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For anyone looking for help or inspiration when it comes to same sex wedding liturgies; the following ministers have offered to provide help:

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Other resources are also available, including:

“Courage to Love: An anthology of inclusive worship material”

Compiled by Geoffrey Duncan

Published 2002 by Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd


Please note, when following any website, it is important to remember the differences in marriage law between England & Wales and Scotland.

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For most of its sixty five year history East Mains URC has had a Women’s Guild, providing opportunities for friendship and fellowship for members of the church and the local community. This has been an important place of Christian nurture for many women as well as a peer support as women shared the joys and sorrows of their lives and the lives of their families.  Sadly those attending the Guild have come to the realisation that the Guild is no longer sustainable and it is being wound down at the end of May.  East Mains story will be familiar to many, who may have had to take similar decisions about activities within their own congregations.  We invite you to pray with us and for us.
Gracious God,
We give thanks for opportunities for friendship and Christian nurture which have been provided by organisations like the Women’s Guild in our congregations. In our sadness at their closing help us to remember and give thanks for the fellowship shared and the ways in which faith was strengthened through their activities.
When changing circumstances mean we are no longer able to do the things we once did, remind us of the constancy of your presence and that you are a God who makes all things new. Give us courage, insight and faithfulness to discern where you are calling us today.   Amen.

You break in, O God, on the seashore

you break in, O God, in the desert

you break in, O God, and turn tables.

You take us in, broken, low on hope

You take us in, weak and highly stressed, desperate for energy

You take us in, just as we are.


God, break in again and move us to that new dimension.

God, break in again and stir up the gifts you have made us for.

God, break in again and move our world once more. Amen.


Giffnock URC has always worked hard in and for the local community, providing church led weekly activities like Toddlers’ group, Lunchbite and coffee mornings, as well as worship on a Sunday and Wednesday.
The newest club arose from a deep need in the area as more and more people were diagnosed with dementia. Their carers needed support and a bit of rest time.
The Sunshine Cafe was born after meetings with members of the local churches.
The Sunshine Cafe provides activities, music, food and fun for local people diagnosed with dementia and their carers can benefit from some time off.
This Cafe is held weekly in our premises but has volunteers from the various Giffnock churches as well as several of our own members.
It is much appreciated by the carers and is filling a need in our local community.

Lord Jesus,
We pray for all in our community who are having to cope with stressful situations that can cause anxiety and exhaustion.
Help us to be sensitive to their needs and offer practical help and friendship when appropriate.

Help us to be a welcoming, inclusive church, where all feel valued.
Thank you for all our members and for those people, particularly the retired ministers, who have looked after us while we have been in a vacancy situation.
Give us the vision and energy to continue our work in the community of Giffnock.