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This is the United Reformed Church’s exciting focus on lifelong Christian discipleship and mission and moves beyond a set of programmes into the world where each step we take is accompanied by Jesus, eventually bringing about an emerging culture change in the Church and society. As you engage in Walking the Way we hope that your own understanding of what being a Christian disciple deepens.

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Same Sex Wedding Liturgies

For anyone looking for help or inspiration when it comes to same sex wedding liturgies; the following ministers have offered to provide help:

Rev’d Fiona Bennett:

Rev’d John Bremner:

Rev’d Alan McGougan:

Rev’d Judith Tatton-Schiff:

Other resources are also available, including:

“Courage to Love: An anthology of inclusive worship material”

Compiled by Geoffrey Duncan

Published 2002 by Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd


Please note, when following any website, it is important to remember the differences in marriage law between England & Wales and Scotland.

Other prayer and worship resources are available from the United Reformed Church online shop and many of our partners

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Prayer Cycle for Churches in Synod

Please include the congregation and all involved with the Churches in your prayers


We in Duke Street are looking forward to, the Induction and Ordination of our new Minister and seeking to work out our priorities for outreach for local mission.  We are grateful for celebrating our 10th Anniversary in our new building and for the ten events organised by the many in the Church for the enjoyment of all.  Amen.

Loving Father, We pray for all in the fellowship of the URC.  We think of our sister churches, who are currently in Vacancy and seeking a way forward.  Encourage and sustain them throughout the process to seek your will for the work of the Kingdom.  Amen.

The Dumbarton congregation began in May 1878 with 20 members. 140 years on, having moved out of the church building a few years ago the congregation is once again about this size. They continue to meet faithfully for worship on Sundays, mostly meeting in the Church hall of St Augustine Scottish Episcopal Church, but on occasion joining the St Aug’s congregation or nearby Helensburgh URC. With Helensburgh URC, Dumbarton URC now forms a joint pastorate and will be seeking to discern their possible future in relation to other URC’s in the area and other denominations in the town. Currently they focus on regular Sunday worship and pastoral care of one another and remain part of Dumbarton Churches Together.

Please pray that the congregation will receive strength & guidance to discern future possibilities and how to grow in partnership

Please pray for those in need, especially the sick, those in care, in hospital or housebound

Please hold the ancient town of Dumbarton in your prayers and especially remember the churches working together

In October Dunfermline URC began soup & cake lunches on Saturdays for the homeless and those in need. Later this year we are planning to hold a Sunday service in Crossford, where there is currently no service at present. If this goes well, we will look to hold regular services. We identified that we would like to increase our outreach to the community and see these as 2 ways in which we can do this.

Heavenly father, we pray for those in need, whether through homelessness, unemployment, illness, money worries.

We pray that those who come to our soup lunches would see your love for them reflected through those they come into contact with, We give thanks for those who make the soup and cakes, And those who serve.

Lord, be with us as we seek to discern how we can best serve our community and be your church in Dunfermline.

We pray these things in and through the name of Jesus. Amen

During the latter part of 2017 and into 2018 we have been sharing fellowship with Dundee Methodist Church with a view of exploring our future. Whilst this has not led us down the road of looking, at this stage, to moving forward closer together we have enjoyed the experience and continue to worship jointly once a month. At the same time one Sunday a month we do not meet together and use this to visit other Churches and help us explore where our future lies within this great city of Dundee.

Lord God, we are at a crossroads in our history, we pray that we have served you well over the years in Dundee. Like many Churches in this country we now feel called to explore where our future lies. Guide us, and all in a similar position, to be open to hear your calling. As we move forward help us to be open in mind and heart to different ways whilst not losing all that has made us what we have been and can be.