National Synod of Scotland Meeting March 2018 – Sunday Morning

The Moderator reconvened Synod Meeting on Sunday morning with worship.

After worship the moderator welcomed to Synod Meeting Katie Henderson Co-Moderator elect of Youth Assembly who updated the meeting on her role.


Children and Young People

The report on Children and Young People was received. This was followed by

Youth and Young Adults Forum

The Youth and Young Adults Forum informed Synod of their activities over the weekend which has been based on ‘One Day’ and invited Churches to raise money for a local or national homeless charity and report back to September Synod. During the weekend the young people built a cardboard city which was particularly poignant when seen covered by snow on the Sunday morning and the blankets/sleeping bags frozen.

Reports from Synod Committees

Synod received committee reports from:

Ecumenical and World Church

This report was received


This report was received.

The following resolution was passed:


Synod, in principle, adopts and applies Equipping the Kingdom – an approach for mission and ministry across Scotland and the Policy for the Deployment of Ministry within the Synod, recognising that it is a process of evolution taking us from our current unsustainable position to one within which we can best utilise gifts, skills and resources according to our mission priorities.


Synod was updated on provision of cover during the moderator’s sabbatical and as part of this the following resolution was passed by Synod:

Resolution 2018/03/02a

Synod resolves to co-opt Revd David Grosch-Miller to be a member of the National Synod of Scotland for the period 12th May to 19th July 2018.

The PPS Report was received by Synod and updates were given on: Nominations, General Assembly 2018 Synod Reps.

Those demitting office Mrs Anna Briggs was thanked for her work as editor of SynNews and Synod was informed that Revd Andy Braunston would be the new editor.

Synod was updated on the Northerly Synods Collaboration.

The following Resolutions were passed:


The National Synod of Scotland accepts the PPS report.


The National Synod of Scotland accepts the proposed list of representatives to General Assembly 2018 as presented and authorises Synod Officers to arrange replacements should the need arise.


The National Synod of Scotland agrees the appointments matrix as presented in the report to Synod.

Church and Society

This report was received

With all business concluded, Synod Meeting closed with worship including include the commissioning of Brian Kirkwood as an Assembly Accredited Lay Preacher and a Celebration of Holy Communion led by the Moderator.

At this service Synod stood in memory of ministers and elders who have served in Churches within the Synod and have died since the last Synod Meeting.