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Please find attached a copy of the latest Scottish Government Coronavirus toolkit. This is for dissemination throughout your organisations and contains links to adverts and materials for display.  Some information on the campaign is detailed at the bottom of this message.

As most of you will have seen today, the First Minister announced some further changes to Covid restrictions. This included changes to working from home, working with children and face covering exemptions. For Places of Worship, the current exemption for the use of face coverings was that for a person leading an act of worship and for performers/choirs, a face covering did not require to be worn provided that the person was either behind a screen or at least 2 metres from other people. This will now revert back to 1 metre, and the change will take effect from Friday 28th January. I am currently updating the guidance for publication, and will let you know once this has been done

Toolkit – Coronavirus – Living Safely for Us All

Living Safely for us all Campaign

Today we wanted to give you an update on our COVID-19 ‘Living Safely for Us All’ Campaign – please find the updated Stakeholder Toolkit attached.

With Omicron cases declining and restrictions easing, yesterday saw the re-introduction of the ‘Living Safely For Us All’ campaign. Messaging has been updated to reflect a more positive tone, while still covering the COVID-19 safety behaviours. Living Safely For Us All illustrates that by keeping up with the key behaviours, it helps keep life moving elsewhere. Living Safely For Us all will run throughout February across TV, radio, outdoor and digital advertising channels.

Ø  View the ‘Living Safely for Us All’ TV ad via YouTube here

Key Messages

The ‘Living Safely for Us All’ key messages include:

  • By living as safely as we can with COVID around, we’re helping others, helping our NHS and helping Scotland’s recovery.
  • Get vaccinated (1st, 2nd, 3rd or booster)
  • Take an LFD test before socialising, mixing with others or using public transport
  • Wear a face coverings in indoor public places
  • Self-isolation and testing has now changed to reduce isolation periods in certain circumstances.
  • Report LFD test results, even if negative
  • Let fresh air in regularly if meeting others indoors
  • Clean your hands and surfaces regularly

 How You Can Help

  • Please use the updated assets moving forward
  • Please discontinue use of any ‘stay at home’ materials and previously shared TV advert to ensure the latest self-isolation guidance is being shared
  • If you don’t already, please follow SG channels across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share and retweet content

Stakeholder Toolkit

The ‘Living Safely this Winter’ Stakeholder Toolkit contains the following, with all download links available within the toolkit:

  • Campaign overview and key messages
  • TV ad and 10 sec social cut-down films
  • Stakeholder Posters – Key COVID Protection Measures and Flowchart of Self-Isolation Changes
  • Editable Stakeholder Posters for Local Test Centres
  • Social media assets with suggested copy
  • Email signature and web banner
  • Useful links