Interfaith training opportunity

Interfaith Scotland are offering a series of workshops on how to work with religious diversity.

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1. Introduction to Working with Religious Diversity– Thu 15 Jul, 1030-1230
Interactive workshop on improving our confidence in discussing and responding to the religion and belief of those we work with.

2. Advantage is invisible – understanding unintentional discrimination– Thu 29 Jul, 1030-1230
Reflective course exploring why discrimination is common even when our intentions are to work fairly with everyone.

3. Intention versus impact – exploring challenges around group labels and unintended offence- Wed 25 Aug, 1330-1530
Interactive session exploring the terminology used to describe groups of people and how we can respond when unintended offence is caused.

4. Debiasing our systems, debiasing ourselves – an introduction to tackling unconscious bias– Tue 14 Sep, 1030-1300
Interactive course exploring the evidence of unconscious bias and methods for reducing its impact on our decisions, behaviour and processes.

5. Interpreting culture – improving cross-cultural communication– Thu 14 Oct, 1030-1300
An explorative session on the differences between cultures and how that diversity shapes the way we understand each other’s behaviour.

6. 3 mottos for equality, diversity & inclusion– Wed 17 Nov, 1300-1630
Popular course, spanning a wide range of equality issues. We explore three simple guides to improve how we work with human diversity. (covers the same content as sessions 2 & 3)

7. Working with People from Diverse Religious Backgrounds– Tue 14 Dec, 1300-1630
An engaging course exploring how to engage with people from many religion and belief identities, focusing on six main faiths. (covers the same material as session 1 and more)