Creation Time – Season of Creation 2020

As part of a world-wide movement, which takes many different approaches, EcoCongregation Scotland encourages churches to devote the Sundays between 1st September and 4th October to the ’Season of Creation’ /Creation Time. We are grateful to the ecumenical group of writers who, even with the pressures of this year, have contributed reflections and insights on every one of the available lectionary readings for the 4 weeks of September. EcoChaplain David Coleman will also be proving video reflections for these Sundays, which can be viewed separately or incorporated into online worship. He’s also very keen to encourage any other creative use of this season, or to hear what your’e getting up to, both as existing EcoCongregations and those who might be thinking of taking this step.

The written material is to be found here 

The video can also be downloaded from Dropbox.