Scottish Interfaith Week – Together for Our Planet 31st Oct – 7th Nov 2021

Scottish Interfaith Week is taking place from 31st October – 7th November. This year the theme is ‘Together for Our Planet’ and the week will coincide with COP26 (United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021) in Glasgow. We are encouraging individuals, faith communities, local interfaith groups and organisations across Scotland to host climate-related events for the week.
We produce a Scottish Interfaith Week e-newsletter which has already been providing regular updates about the week. If you have not done so already, I would be very grateful if you could sign up to receive the e-newsletter here:
Here is some more information about Scottish Interfaith Week which I hope you find helpful:
Activity Ideas
You can find ideas for running climate-themed events for adults and for young people at the link here:
You can also check out our Climate Action Resources page on the Interfaith Scotland website for more ideas here:
Youth and Schools Competition
The theme for this year’s competition for young people is how to make religious festivals more eco-friendly. Submissions should be made by 14thOctober and all the details of the competition can be found on the SIFW website at:
Posters, Logos and Photos
I have attached a new SIFW logo to this email designed in green to highlight this year’s theme, and also an image incorporating details of the week with photos which could be used for posters you might want to create for your events. Readymade posters are also available at the link below:
If you are advertising SIFW on Facebook, Instagram or twitter you may be aware that you need differently sized images for each of these mediums. We have cut down the hard work by creating images to fit each of these which you can find at the link below. Do check them out!


If you would like your event to be included in the programme of events please upload it onto the SIFW website at the link here:

Events can be added online right up until Scottish Interfaith Week and these will appear in the list of events online. If you have any questions about this or any problems please email my colleagues at

Social Media
Just to remind you we have a separate Scottish Interfaith Week social media accounts which you can access at the following links: FacebookTwitterInstagram
If I can be of any assistance over the coming weeks do please be in touch.
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Synod Meeting 18th September 2021

Photos © Bungie & © David Coleman

Pilgrimage to Iona reflecting on Covid 19

Covid Reflective Pilgrimage from Edinburgh to Iona
9th – 15th October 2021
Remembering ALL who have died from Covid 19
Come and reflect with us along the way…
Edinburgh or Glasgow, Linlithgow or Stirling, Killin or Dalmally, Oban or Mull or Iona
If you wish, you can tell us the name of your loved one and we will name them, or remember them in silence…..
m: 07885979026

Synod Meeting

The Synod of Scotland will meet in Helensburgh on Saturday 18th September starting at 10:00am and ending at 3:00pm. The meeting will be hosted by Helensburgh URC and members of Synod will be attending in person and online for worship and to conduct the business of Synod.

Members of the local churches in the North of the Clyde area will be leading the opening worship at 10:00am.

The Apostles Go Out – Really Out! (with snacks)



The Apostles Go Out – Really Out! (with snacks)

As restrictions are lifted, children and young people return to school and people begin returning to their workplaces, many of us may have some anxieties about ‘going out’ again.

Peter and John, Jesus’ disciples, feel the same way. After all, they have pretty much sat on the sofa watching Netflix since the start of the first lockdown…and now they are being asked to go OUT??!

What might Jesus have to say to them as they prepare to go out? What might Jesus have to say to us?

In their latest sketch, Drama Kirk explore the issues we now face – fear, anxiety and complacency – in a light-hearted take on Matthew chapter 10, when Jesus sends out the disciples to teach and heal in his name. “The Apostles Go Out” is intended as a resource for schools, churches and community groups as we reflect on the lifting of restrictions.

Drama Kirk invites you to ‘listen in’ as Jesus sends out the apostles and we hear some of their anxieties about really going out and how Jesus calms them with the reassurance that he will be with them always.

DramaKirk “The Apostles Go Out!” – YouTube

The sketch was commissioned by the United Reformed Church Synod of Scotland who wanted a filmed resource to share with younger people. It was written by Liz Blackman, who says, “I was delighted Drama Kirk was asked to contribute to this work. No matter how glad we might be that restrictions are lifting, no matter how delightful it is to return to favourite activities, there will inevitably be aspects of how we have lived under restrictions that we don’t want to let go. We might also be scared of returning to pre-pandemic activities. These are feelings I recognise in myself and my children – it was lovely to have the opportunity to explore this through scripture. We’ve taken a light-hearted look at what the response might have been from the disciples to Jesus’ call to go out. My hope is that the sketch will give people a giggle and some reassurance that – no matter how we are feeling right now – we are never alone.”

Robin McLean, who plays Peter – a role he has played in the Passion Play, enjoyed the experience, saying, “It was great fun to reprise our roles in a different way. Hopefully something that we enjoyed doing will help encourage people to get back out there.”

‘The Apostles Go Out – Really Out (with snacks)’  is freely available for use in schools, churches and community groups via   The video lasts 6 minutes. For further information about Drama Kirk visit Follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter (@PlayLanarkshire) or email


Jim Merrilees

It is with sadness we announce the death, today, of Dr Jim Merrilees who was a former Synod Clerk of the Synod of Scotland. We give thanks for Jim’s rich ministry at national, denominational and local levels.